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Create a Free Account. But a smaller group show an early lack of fear and indifference toward others that is much more troubling. Sexual sadism also seems to have early developmental roots.

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When young children, who are dependent on their caregivers, are abused, they have little choice but to love the people who are hurting them. They have to overlap to some extent. Can Psychopathy Be Cured?

enter site In the same way, psychopaths are much harder to reform than adults with ASPD. That will be especially important given that labeling a child as a potential psychopath could itself have severely negative effects on his future. Of course, these classifications say nothing about why one person becomes a psychopath while another becomes antisocial, or why some sadists develop a taste for masochism too. Finding out what differentiates the group that becomes psychopathic from those who manage to master or outgrow these traits might help prevent some of the worst criminal behavior.

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