Does naruto hook up with hinata

Naru saves Saku from the Uchiha trying to kill her like Minato saves Kushina from the same fate. Kushina tells Naru 'find a girl like me to love. Saku doesn't deny and Minato compares her to Kushina. Minato then tells Saku that he is entrusting Naru to her. Saku tries to feed Naru ramen when he is injured. Saku kisses Naru when he is injured.

Saku cries for Naru when she finds out he could die because of the Nine Tails. Tries to tell Naru she cares for him. Sai tells Naru people in love smile around those they love and that Naru smiles the most around Saku.

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Heaven and Earth Bridge. Saku runs to tailed Naru knowing she could die to protect him. Yamato tells Saku "it's not how much you can do for Naru that counts, it is the strength of your feelings for him that matters. Saku passes a chance to go to Orochi's lair and possibly see Sasu to care for Naru..

First Team 7 Reunion. Sakura admits that it is because of Naruto that she can have a dream that Team Seven will laugh together again one day. Similar to Kushina saying Minato was the man who could make her dreams come true. Kushina treated Minato exactly as Saku treated Naru. Used to think he was annoying and would hit him. Naru says he hates people who lie to themselves.

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Whether it was about her love for him or her lost feelings for Sasu is unknown. Sai points out Saku was only thinking of Naru's feelings and was trying to protect him.

Saku thinks about Naru on her way to the main battlefield during 4th War, saying she will fight with him no matter what he says. Saku heals Naru and tells other shinobi that he was doing all he could, and they should pull their weight. Refes to Sai telling her everyone depends on Naru too much and her obvious desire to stop it when she sees it.

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Kishi has said Hina is "frumpy" and "crumpy" while he has said that he is like Naru and his wife is like Saku. In all honesty, there are by far more NaruSaku moments than NaruHina moments.

The Real Reason Why Naruto Never Truly Loved Sakura - Boruto & Naruto Explained

Even fan-wise, the world over NaruSaku outnumbers NaruHina. NaruSaku even have conventions that Kishi attends. Nothing like that with the NaruHina crowd. Naruto And Hinata Kiss.


Sakura rejected Naruto numerous times throughout the series. And when it's asked that she's his girlfriend, she punches him when he says sort of.

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Naruto has constantly encouraged Hinata, showing he has affection for her. This is confirmed if you go to the Narutopedia wiki, a wiki that actually has citations, and it says that the combination of Naruto and Hinata in one of the games is called "Secret Lovers", implying if not confirming that Naruto has secret feelings for Hinata.

Oh, and Hinata has always tried to go to Naruto, no matter what. Sakura on the other hand wants him to succeed in his dreams, I admit as well, but doesn't love him directly. If Sasuke died or something, or she outright kisses Naruto, I won't admit to it. Also, Naruto is not Minato. They might look alike and have similar strengths, but they aren't the same person. To automatically assume that because Sakura has similarities with Kushina, and thereby will marry Naruto is a logical fallacy.

I won't rebuke the possibility, but you shouldn't rebuke the possibility of NaruHina. Also, there aren't "few" Naruhina moments. Hinata goes all out for Naruto in the end, while Naruto screams and goes into his tailed beast state once she dies, without any control.

Usually he has some control over it at first, but that was instantaneous. Furthermore, when Naruto needed encouragement after Neji died, Hinata was the one to support him. When he shared his power, she was the first to receive it.

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Maybe it will be SakuNaruto, maybe it will. After Naruto defeated Toneri and saved the shinobi world, Hinata asked Naruto about his scarf he was wearing earlier, to which he revealed it was knitted by his late mother, leaving Hinata relieved. He then reiterated his love for Hinata and even proposed, with the two sharing their first kiss upon returning to Earth.

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After several months of dating, Naruto and Hinata got married and started a family together with a son and daughter. Naruto's first child is a boy named Boruto, with a good talent and an appearance similar to him. His second is a lovely girl named Himawari. Naruto has shown signs of a loving parent towards his two children, often playing with them whenever he has free time. Naruto's promotion to Hokage has him spending less time with his family than he used to, which made Boruto jealous that he had to share his father with the rest of the village, so he did pranks to get his attention.

Do Hinata and Naruto ever get together?

Despite reprimanding Boruto for his behaviour, Naruto understood what his son wanted and spent some time to inspire him to endure any hardship as a true shinobi would. Now, the manga is very good and survived for 35 volumes, but the anime version was a wreck. Gonzo manages to do a decent job in animating the very first three arcs. But had to contain a filler arc closing that is harried due to the slow launch program of the manga.

It is just natural that her works would be adapted into anime, but sadly many anime are cut short because of their substantial span. Deen had to settle on a filler finish working on episodes. A fan favorite Anime. Continue reading the post. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address!