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Matchmaking now based on Latency & Ping, not region in Black Ops 2

Otherwise you need to pull out the USB. I think on pc it is not possible.

Bedlambob View Profile View Posts. Strange - maybe settings rather than a fault within the game - neither myself in the UK or my friends in Germany and Greece have this issue. Originally posted by BedlamBob:.

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Kaizer View Profile View Posts. I have not the same problem - i can play without any problems - but as i understand i play in the pool of DLC players - and as i see - there are rather low players there, and i want to play like before with everybody elase who has no DLC!!! Is it possible to join only normal pool with no DLC? I have the same problem: What is the solution? Un-tic the dlc's you like to disable! When you disable the DLC , it will be deleted from your Harddrive , when you select it back , you have to redownload it , and this option is for now only available on the Steam Beta.

For me working all well like the normal Steam , no bug's or something like that! Hope that help's , Good luck.

Yota View Profile View Posts. Start a New Discussion. This issue has been currently on-going for a few hours and while the rest of the Xbox Live service is working as intended, matchmaking is noticeably impacted.

Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Matchmaking Explained - IGN

Hopefully Microsoft can resolve this issue as soon as possible. Xbox One has recently received a brand new firmware update this March which adds some new features like the ability to purchase backwards compatible Xbox games directly from the Xbox One and introduces 16 players party chat. This new update was released last week. Let us know if you are experiencing any issues with signing into Xbox Live or playing online multiplayer in the comments below.

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