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But, you will not be rewarded for seeing past race, that is not what has happened. We will not all sit in denial as if your choice shows racial progress. We will call it out.

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Now, know this—your choice will not make you less Black. You are still part of the community, you must still adhere to the Handbook, you must still participate in social change. Dating a White woman will not make you less Black. So consider, what your choice might mean for the Black women around you. The women who might not be interested in you, but wonder if your glance past them makes them less than. The women who are interested in you and tried to get your attention and now must wonder if they should have been more like the woman you chose, less Black.

They have been ridiculed and blasted in media, they have been forced into assimilation professionally, they have been erased from history books. They have always gone to Black men, their community, for assurance of their strength and beauty. Now, you will make them wonder, does their community not even choose them. Their esteem and worth may not be your responsibility, but know that your choice may influence it.

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That being said I'm also a person who dates interracially. Because of my sexuality and my struggles to differentiate between physical characteristics, I tend not to pay too much attention to what a person looks like, assuming I'm attracted to them. Additionally, I generally get more physically attracted to a person as time goes on.

So the whiteness or the Blackness or every whatever race doesn't really matter to me very much. As of this moment because of me not really dating until college which was mostly White and then moving to Denver which is also mostly White, I have had not had much access to non-white partners. It's different I assume. Honestly, it's probably a lot harder.

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There are a lot of issues and confusion you have to work through to date interracially. This is on top of the normal confusion with dating. The longer it goes the more complicated it gets as families get involved, traditions, and in general, cultures clash. At the same time though if the couple is interested in making that work it's definitely not impossible. To on to the next question. What problems arise when a black woman tries to hit on someone outside of their race?

I'll be blunt for starters- they never believe you're hitting on them. The amount of times that people have told me in casual conversation that they don't believe black people would ever be interested in them is unfortunately high. Even worse, it happens when I am interested in said person.

Then there's the awkward argument about the fact that they can be interested and maybe you should consider it. They then start to tell you about how awkward they feel and how they assume that no black woman would be interested and the geeky, pale, quiet white guy. And so begins the most awkward courting process ever. Often that means that the man who outright hits on you also fetishizes you, or will say they notice but don't date black women, or they are the man who's been overlooked for a while for various reasons and now are looking to you as one of their limited options.

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It can be downright discouraging. Black women are ranked lowest along with Asian men in terms of people's interest in dating them. I wish I could say it had to do with personality but it really doesn't seem too. My white friends complain about getting hit on all the time, most can easily pick up and drop people they want to date with ease. Particularly with interracial dating I just don't have that option. But I'm getting a bit off topic. Say you meet a man who actually seems interested, that's huge step; but now we have a problem. White men are used to pursuing their interest in a casual way by slowly increasing the intimacy level.

Black women are used to being more forward and teasing.

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Not only are black women willing to state their interest more readily than some other cultures, but they expect the same from the person they're interested in. We have one passive person and one active person in terms of Interest. Additionally having the opposite reaction having someone pursue you when are used to things being passive or vice versa typically ruins any chemistry that may be present.

You can read more about that here: As a person who over the years has gotten reasonably comfortable with pursuing the person I'm interested in, I find myself frustrated particularly with white men around knowing what is a date and what is not. If I don't know you and I asked you out to dinner, I'm not being friendly! If we don't really know each other and I suggest we get drinks, I'm probably also not being friendly. The miscommunication is often two-fold. Partly white man assume that no black woman is interested in them and so of course they must be being friendly.

Then if they make that interest clear, any that was there disappears. This just has to do with the general lack of interest in black women and our different dating cultures. The directness of black women is often seen as too much.

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Or even worse for fear of offending us we are relegated to positions of being seen as a non-sexual person. A person with no interest whom you can never compliment, chat with in a romantic manner or generally hit on.

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It feels as though something is wrong with you. That if only you were white, that person would look at you differently then they do.

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The black women that do well are almost always mixed, lighter skin, soft curls or straight hair, thinner, and generally fit the rest of the mold of what white men are looking for in their white women. If, by some miracle you do end up on what is actually a date, things continue to be complicated. The cultures work on different timelines and have different expectations. White culture tends to be a bit more traditionalist. In some ways it moves slower but also allows for each relationship to blossom into its own. For instance who pays? In general, if I'm on a date with a man I expect him to pay.

Not because I can't pay or not because I don't even want to, but it's a part of the courting process. If I pay, it means that it's definitely a date, and I really enjoyed it. It's a way to show my independence but also my interest.