Dating a gang leader

Central to the scheme will be an attempt to help young people escape gang life. But Lisa reckons it will be harder than the authorities think to break the hold gangs have across large parts of the capital. From an early age Lisa says she was aware of gang rivalries, realising that people from an estate a few hundred yards away were considered deadly rivals. But she says it was not until she moved from junior school that she began to be drawn in.

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You mix with Year 11s and you don't want them to bully you. So what you do is you put up a front. I'm little but I'm also bad. And you basically get ratings, respect from your peers. However, it was not until she began a relationship with Jerome — a well-known gang member — that she acquired her "pass".

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I was in a gang because of my boyfriend. I wanted to get off with a bad boy, it was a thrill. No one can touch me if I'm going out with him.

Young people think, 'If I'm in a gang no one can touch me because I'll have friends to back me up. The couple met at a youth offending service. He had been committed of knife-point robbery and she had been found guilty of common assault.

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  • Dating a gang member? – The Unlonely Woman;

To begin with she had a "normal" relationship. I'd go and see him but nothing major [happened].

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Boys are paranoid, they think their girlfriends will set them up. But he began asking her to "help out".

At first it involved taking messages, then she was asked to help cut up the drugs. She knew things had changed. I mean wtf, did you parents install any values in you?

Street Smart : Latinas Who Date Gang Members Are Trapped in a Life of Parties, Marriage

Sep 18, 8. You need a new boyfriend. Sep 18, 9. Sep 18, There may be a Kindle manual on how to be a gangsta bish Lol, sorry, couldn't resist What do you mean by college age? LOL Well it don't really matter Drop him move on and get with a MAN.. I thought they squashed that already! Anyway just don't look to join his gang. Or else you'd be "gang banged" in! Whatever makes you happy girl. Sweetie you need to run the other way.

Very few gang members make it out unscathed. I do find it strange that your dude waited until he went to college to actually 'join the gang'. Most gangsters join at a very young age - when they're most impressionable and vulnerable. I personally know 3 women who ended up dead by being involved in that gang lifestyle - either by affiliation or actual involvement. It's a lose-lose situation. They only date six figure ninjas with degrees, CEO of three different companies, and drive Ranger Rovers and Benz's at the same damn time. Dudes joining gangs in is still whats hot in the streets?

I mean I "dated" this guy in the 3rd grade and he was part of a gang.

Women in love with gangsters

He had one regular eye and another one that was always open and popping out of his skull. This one day after school he followed me to the daycare across the street and into the bathroom, jacked me up and asked me if I lived in a rival neighborhood. I was like ummm no and then after that we started dating. That guy was a terror at 8 years old I wonder how he's doing now.

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  4. Low self esteem is real. I think you're trolling but I'll answer I never dated a gang member but I knew a few and by your post I think you really have no idea what your in for if you plan to go the ride or die route You say its cool if he doesn't get into trouble Do you know what the duties of a gang member are?

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    First they have to "put in work" You really need to step away from him right now because this is a dead end I'm not involved with gangs but i do know people who are through a school program. Those mofo know everyone and their momma names, if they see u, they will know who u are in a heartbeat. In the United States there has been a growing trend of young girls who see themselves as "ride or die chicks," says Gwendolyn Pough, associate professor of women's studies at Syracuse University. She will put the gun in her purse, she will hide the cash, she will hide the gloves, and she will drive the getaway car.

    Whatever she needs to do for him, she will do," says Pough, adding, "I think a lot of girls do buy into it. For years, she has seen girls in her neighbourhood play into being a "ride or die" type of chick, says Amanda Cain, the editor of Yo' Mamma , a Toronto magazine for pregnant teens. In a sense, because she used to let her boyfriends use her, she was one, too. That's where you will find them," she says, referring to girls who wait to bail their boyfriends out of jail. These guys trust their girlfriends with everything, Cain says.

    He basically needs to know that you would use that gun. These girls, who are "down for whatever," show their love by doing anything that's asked of them.

    Any experience with dating gang members? | Lipstick Alley

    While it can be seen as a romantic notion to stick by someone's side regardless — it could be argued women have een taught to do so for centuries — with the wrong guy and especially in the street context, it can turn dangerous. Morgan says for young women in communities with few support systems, it's ultimately about survival, and many issues — poverty, racism, family issues — have to be seen in context to understand why a young girl puts up with it.

    Everybody rationalizes his or her way out of the situation. Or would I rather not tell anyone that he's keeping a gun here and let him see his daddy every day,'" she says.